Friday, September 21, 2007


What Arthur was doing after Forever Changes and the Blue Thumb Recordings. "Ninety Miles Away" performed at the Coconut Teaszer 12/27/92. Band members: Melvan Whittington on guitar, Robert Rozelle on bass, Justin Polimeni on drums, Alan Talbert on sax, Tony Mikesell on keyboards. Alan and Arthur went to the same high school. Video shot by Don Conka. Courtesy of'

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poisgone said...

The songs about the time i came to see him in the pen (Chino) with some startling news, the song included snippets of our doings. the music reminded me of a house of terror or
like the elephant man being tormented and scorned and bandied about, it was disturbing and that's all I heard at first, later I heard the lyrics, and they were like a bread crumb path to our past.