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All Souls Day November 2
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William-Adolphe Bouguereau
So for all our departed friends and relatives, especially for those whose souls nobody bothers to pray for:

Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

A blessed All Souls Day to everyone.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thankyou Fay

pic I took from june 04. Just for you dearest maria
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Friday, October 12, 2007

POSTERS & stuff

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Arthur Lee Love Vindicator LP Ad 1972
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Love Arthur Lee 1969 Pasadena
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Love Arthur Lee Taj Mahal 1968
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Terrace Ballroom, 7/18/196?
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Arthur's horoscope for day of his funeral
August 12,2006 11:am Los Angeles Ca.
Taking the initiative **
At this time you feel very self- assured and confident, and you will have the necessary material and physical resources to carry out whatever objectives you have in mind. If necessary, you work very hard to gather people who will work with you and to assure whatever backing you need. You undertake every task with great zeal and energy. And you don't stand about waiting for someone to give you directions. You take the initiative yourself and finish the task swiftly. Also you will contribute everything you have to the effort. You are sufficiently confident of success that you are willing to take risks, and such risks are reasonably likely to turn out well. This process takes place in such a way that you learn more about yourself, and at the same time you are able to let others know clearly where you stand.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars Trine Med.Coeli
activity period from 10 August 2006 to 13 August 2006.
Other transits occurring today:

Moon Opposition Chiron, exact at 05:26
Moon Square Saturn, exact at 09:36
Moon Opposition Neptune, exact at 12:25
Moon Trine Pluto, exact at 16:54
Moon in the 9th House, exact at 19:47
Moon Sextile Uranus, exact at 18:30
Moon enters Aries, 03:22


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'Arthur '

Personal Portrait
for Arthur , born on 7 March 1945

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius * Ascendant in Leo, Sun in the Eighth House * Moon in the Fifth House * Mars Opposition Ascendant * Sun in the Eighth House * Venus in the Ninth House * Saturn in the Eleventh House

The report was generated with the following birth data: male, born on 7 March 1945 at 4:40 pm in Memphis, Tennessee.

Your sun sign is Pisces. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Leo, and your Moon is in Sagittarius.

Partner references which may occur in the text are set for a relationship with a woman.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius

This astrological combination indicates a person who is in a perpetual state of motion. Your nature is excitable, sometimes irritable. You love change and will probably be involved in numerous occupations throughout life. You approach each new project and contract with new enthusiasm. At first, your interest is real enough, but it tends to be fitful. You appear to be a busy worker and have good abilities in a variety of areas. In society you are inclined to be talkative, sometimes enjoying gossip. However, your intentions are always sincere and you have a sympathetic nature. Your most conscious aim in life is to gain understanding and sympathy, but your chances for attaining these are diminished because of the diffuseness of your character.

The key to a harmonious existence lies in trying to concentrate your will in a single direction.

Ascendant in Leo, Sun in the Eighth House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Leo was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler the Sun is located in the eighth house.

People with Leo in the Ascendant seem to possess a flair for the life of nobility and regality. Your life will be in many ways influenced by decisions you make that have been motivated by your pride, desire for power, for authority, and your need to convince others of your courage.

In life you will act with a rather frank, generous, and amiable disposition. The course of events in your life will unfold themselves swiftly, and a life full of chance and circumstances will be the outcome of your desire to rule, to organize, to hold the keys of authority. You should be aware that as a result of overly strong impulses there is the danger of failures and upsets in life. You will be generally regarded as an amiable, sincere and generous person who, however, has much pride and sensitivity. Egocentricity is one of the prices of being born with the Ascendant sign of Leo. Another aspect of this zodiacal sign is that your personality becomes excessively charged with passion and sexual desire. On the other hand, these zodiacal signs grant in life a large dose of vitality as well as a fine physical shape and a strong, healthy constitution.

Willpower is a characteristic of your personality. You seek opportunities and when you find them you go to it, using both your mind and your emotions to strive for success with zeal and determination. You are very self-assured and you implement ideas with a self- assurance that lets nothing get in your way of success.

It would be beneficial to you, however, if you were not so candid and frank and if you did not expect others to act and feel as you do.

Leo will grant you very sincere and affectionate relationships in which you desire to bring happiness and an overall feeling of charitable spirit and warmth to your loved one. In your sexual relationships you appear as happy, strong, playful and even a little innocent.

You will always act better as a leader than a subordinate.

The main meaning of this house is that of loss and crisis, as well as taboo and occult topics. The eighth house deals with themes that have to do with deep emotional metamorphosis. This may take on forms which you find painful to experience, but with the Sun in this house, it is important to you to find out everything in connection with the eternal cycle of dying and becoming and to deal more consciously with these themes. In that sense a loss of a loved one may be an important, traumatic, and decisive event in your life and can develop a more profound realization of your own nature.

Moon in the Fifth House

The Moon was found in the fifth house at the time of your birth. This indicates that you will participate actively in business speculations with many changes occurring in this respect. You were born with a knack for dealing with people and with the ability to communicate with them, particularly in connection with business enterprises.

Your emotional nature is very much geared to your love of pleasure, and you possess a very curious aptitude which may bring you financial gains as well as pleasures in business.

In spite of the positive qualities you have, the fact of the matter is that in love you are very changeable, unstable, or too preoccupied with trivialities.

Your love feelings are very well developed and lead to strong drives for sensations and passionate tendencies which unfortunately are not directed to one object alone.

It is possible that throughout life you may be connected with small and numerous business investments with a fairly good return.

Mars Opposition Ascendant

Mars opposition the Ascendant shows that you attract people who threaten you. You do not really have that much self-confidence; your aggressive actions are an attempt to convince yourself that you do.

Meeting others in competition is how you learn to assert yourself constructively, with greater self-control and discipline. Naturally argumentative, you are not the easiest person to get along with. You must learn to be more compromising if you want peace and harmony. Making concessions shows strength of character, not weakness, and if you realize this, you will be respected for your maturity.

In personal relationships, your offensive tactics force you to raise your defenses when the going gets rough.

But an attitude of superiority often masks feelings of inferiority or inadequacy. You have a lot of creative energy you should express. Remember, it is what you do rather than what you say you can do that is important. Develop more self-control, or you will run into many troublesome situations that could be extremely difficult to resolve.

Sun in the Eighth House

The Sun was found in your eighth house at the time of birth. This inclines your individuality to be oriented, in one way or another, to the deeper sides of life. Your sexual feelings are long-lasting, intense, and vital. Your inner self seems attracted to unusual matters related to the termination of life-death and its mysteries.

Traditional astrology indicates that near your middle age a crisis will rear its head in your life. If this period is successfully spanned you can expect a prolonged life with a gradual heightening vitality.

Financially, there are definite chances for money inherited from either your partner or from another relative.

Venus in the Ninth House

Venus was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. Your mind appears as very adaptable, gentle, peace-loving and tactful. This position indicates that the secret for your ability to reach a state of harmony and emotional balance may come through the use of your higher mental powers. You have been born with an exquisitely refined, artistic mind which has a very subtle appreciation of all that has to do with culture. Your disposition is kind, congenial, gentle and sympathetic and you have a natural ability to assist other individuals.

This position gives you much social intercourse with intellectual persons and success derived therefrom.

Merely minor disabilities will affect you in your intellectual endeavors. The worst that could happen would be an overly inquisitive, indecisive nature that never seems to be satisfied. However, you have within you the ability to avoid these psychological obstacles.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

Saturn was found in the eleventh house at the time of birth. Psychologically, this denotes a rather hidden and limited view of your personal ambitions, your friendships, and of your future. You're very ambitious, cautious, just, patient, responsible, but perhaps, too serious.

You're an individual with few friends and even there you may find that some of them will assist you with advice rather than with actual help in times of peril.

Arthur (male)
born on 7 March 1945 local time 04:40 pm
in Memphis, TN (US) U.T. 21:40
90w03, 35n09 sid. time 02:40:45
Planetary positions
planet sign degree house motion
Sun Pisces 16°57'39 08 direct
Moon Sagittarius 25°14'16 05 direct
Mercury Pisces 23°25'27 08 direct
Venus Aries 28°07'56 09 direct
Mars Aquarius 16°35'39 06/7 direct
Mars is technically near the end of house 6 and is interpreted in house 7.
Jupiter Virgo 23°18'07 02 retrograde
Saturn Cancer 03°50'07 11 stationary (D)
Uranus Gemini 09°16'45 10 direct
Neptune Libra 05°33'33 02 retrograde
Pluto Leo 08°18'26 12 retrograde
True Node Cancer 16°22'57 11 direct

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 18°47'02
2nd House Virgo 12°06'34
3rd House Libra 10°03'53
Imum Coeli Scorpio 12°38'06
5th House Sagittarius 17°03'02
6th House Capricorn 19°36'00
Descendant Aquarius 18°47'02
8th House Pisces 12°06'34
9th House Aries 10°03'53
Medium Coeli Taurus 12°38'06
11th House Gemini 17°03'02
12th House Cancer 19°36'00
Major aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury 6°28
Sun Opposition Jupiter 6°20
Sun Square Uranus 7°41
Sun Quincunx Ascendant 1°49
Moon Square Mercury 1°49
Moon Trine Venus 2°54
Moon Square Jupiter 1°56
Moon Trine Ascendant 6°27
Mercury Opposition Jupiter 0°07
Venus Sextile Saturn 5°42
Mars Opposition Ascendant 2°11
Saturn Square Neptune 1°43
Uranus Trine Neptune 3°43
Uranus Sextile Pluto 0°58
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°45
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle)


It's the Danish TV program En gruppe ved navn Love (A group by the name Love), broadcast date 17 July 1970. The concert footage is from Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen, 12 March 1970. R.I.P. Arthur Lee

Love - Your Mind and We Belong Together (Promo Film)

From: ThomasGalasso

A music video of sorts for the song "Your Mind and We Belong Together". A very rare find considering the original Love stayed out of the spotlight for much of their existance. I would speculate this was filmed in parts of 1967 or 1968 right before the original lineup was fired by frontman/founder Arthur Lee.

Arthur Lee & Love She comes in colors

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"If he had made it, no one else could have." CLICK HERE

believe this was taken in Greece unfortunately no idea who the photographer was
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English release on the Harvest label

CLICK TITLE to hear interview with Arthur from 1992

thanks Gary
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UNIVIBES Magazine interview

again thank you Gary
The interview was conducted in March 91, published in UV issue May 1991

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