Saturday, August 03, 2013

This The 7th Year You Are No Longer Here

So You Are So Shall I Be

© Tia Shaunece Royal Rhem

The breath of you is the breath of me.
The eyes you have I use to see.
The beat of your heart is the beat of mine.
Our thoughts that we think at the same time.
The tears we cry are the ones we share.
Your comfort and love is my trust and care
Your tender kisses strong embrace,
as we stand together, face to face.
side by side here we lay,
wishing for another day.
hearts are stopped neither one of them beat,
motionless bodies from our head to our feet
All around our tears are shared.
we never knew how much they cared.
The tops are closed no one can see
in the ground are you and me.
together we lay dead and cold,
as the pastor preaches, "GOD REST THEIR SOULS"