Friday, September 21, 2007

Arthur Lee (left) and Tjay Cantrelli (far right) - 1966

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Anonymous said...

That's my beautiful father Tjay (correct spelling) Contrelli on the right. Miss you daddy...
Love Vana Barberis

Anonymous said...

Vana, your father is an absolute legend and we will always continue to enjoy his flute and sax playing on Da Capo.
Love Gray & Andy

Bill Larstead said...

I was lucky enough to hear Tjay along side Bunk Gardner both playing Sax & Flute as members of Jimmy Carl Black's Grandmothers at the old Ashgrove club on Melrose ave. Vana, your Father was a strikingly handsome dude with a unique goatee that was later modeled by Worff, the Klingon officer on Star Trek(TNG). But more importantly, he made such a big impact with a single Love LP. He's one of the reasons I play Flute today. May he never be forgotten. Love, Bill Larstead.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Barberis,

I don't mean to come across as disrespectful in anyway, but there are plenty of Love fans who would give their eyeteeth to know what became of Tjay Cantrelli. It has just been assumed that he is dead.

His soloing on Stephanie Knows Who, Orange Skies, She Comes in Colors and Revelation is brilliant!

I always like to think Bryan MacLean's song "Barber John" is about him.

You should write to the moderator of the biggest Love website/message board on the net, Torben Skott:

Best of Luck!

poisgone said...

To Annonomous

Who is Ms.Barberis or what does that mean. Well Arthur told me TJ was dead in '89 and TJ's daughter has posted here, and she seems to realize her father has gone to glory so maybe you should write Torbin and see what you can come up with. warmly

poisgone said...

my bad Ms.Barberis is Tjays daughter.