Sunday, August 13, 2006

He will sing one last time

For my dear friend M, you are in my thoughts.
In Memoriam of your Arthur Lee.
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The dirt that had blurred the picture.
A thumb wipes away flecks of dust
Where the plains of Memphis
will sway to a soulful lust.

There was never a description
when the harmonica warbled
Echoing voices of glossolalia
Rippling stones through her emotions

Where rain patters on concrete floors
inviting the muse with sad smile
to hear percussion of a heart’s flutter
and listen to songs for a while

Passion draws the moon within
Where wave-like fingers strum,
gliding to the sound of the wind,
curling around the shell of youth

Hearts and minds soldered in bond
And time will drip, drip like the solder
Can you hear the departing bell
kiss on the tears of a beholder

The held hand of the parish priest
and a chapter nearing a close
He leans forward gazing deep
to impart his love before he sleeps.

Eros and Agape are one in two
For both have acted in their scenes
Never were they cued to leave
for Arthur will sing once more to you.

May he rest in peace...

Copyright (2006)

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