Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

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Antonio Pereira said...

What a powerful song! I've never heard this particular song by The Kinks. They not only do they sound like Love, the lyrics sound like an Arthur Lee manifesto!

poisgone said...

An Dear Old Friend From college who taught me so much in life and ho's soul I dearly LOVE Liz Shattuck , she listened to it on my FB page which I thought NO ONE ever does , listen to music I post there, and she'd had never heard it before either after LOVING THE KINKS over the AGES, so I 'm SO GLAD it pleases you too. I only became familiar with it several years ago as soundtrack at the conclusion of an Episode of THE SOPRANOS. It killed me, I felt it to my toenails, to my eyelashes, I HAD TO HAVE it. So glad you also find delight in it. Lovely day to you Dear Friend , You know of all The many Thousand visits to this Blog you and "SOULY" you are and have for 7+ years been my only follower. I like it like it like that , I don't need a lot of baited breath at my back. Suits me just fine Darlin'. Happy Sunday Antonio xoox

Antonio said...

Dear Maria,
I can't tell you how much pleasure your site has brought me all these years. You've always posted things I love to read and listen to. This is one heck of an Archive you've built here! Full of important information. That Kinks song, you really did it this time Lady! WOW!!