Thursday, December 04, 2008

January 1989 Summer Of LOve show Universal Amphitheatre


Antonio G. Pereira said...

Hello Maria,
This is a great live version of Everybody's Gotta Live, from Vindicator. Arthur Lee looks good, sounds good, and is really dressed up (Great looking scarf!). The backing band is superb, and the footage is gorgeous.

edsel58 said...


I was at the 1989 Summer of Love show at the Universal Amphitheatre. Pretty amazing! My friends (The Trip) were the opening act. They're a retro-60's band and got pretty good revues. During the last song, Arthur Lee invited the audience on to the stage. Security had a fit, but all went well, as members from all the groups performing that night broke into "Give Peace a Chance". I got to go onstage aand backstage after the show.

I'm looking for ANY audio/video from that night!