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WHO WROTE MY DIARY? decide for yourself



Lee wrote the great soul song My Diary for Rosa Lee Brooks, and this was one of Jimi Hendrix's first recording sessions. Lee also wrote I've Been Trying for Little Ray.


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Released in USA
Titles: My Diary / Utee - 7" single
My Diary - (Arthur Lee)
Utee - (Rosa Lee Brooks, Billy Revis)
Producer: Billy Revis
Release date: 1965
Label: Revis Records
Catalog number: 1013
Matrix A: RR-1013-A
Matrix B: RR-1013-B

Exists in 2 different versions:
- Stock copy (red & black label)
- With text: "Promotional Not For Sale" (red & white label)


Rosa Lee Brook's only claim to fame seems to be the 45 with Hendrix on guitar. Currently I'm aware of just one other recording that might feature her vocals. Rosa Lee still lives and performs in Los Angeles. According to her not only did Hendrix play on "My Diary" and "Utee", in addition they also had a relationship during Hendrix's stay in Los Angeles.

Hendrix himself never mentioned the Rosa Lee Brooks single, but both Arthur Lee of Love (who composed "My Diary") and Rosa Lee Brooks have stated that he played guitar on the session. Arthur Lee says that he met Jimi Hendrix when Billy Revis recommended him as someone who could play in the style of Curtis Mayfield.

The Big Takeover > news
Forever Changing: R.I.P. Arthur Lee (Love), 1945-2006
by Greg Bartalos
9 August 2006

And Arthur wasted no time in making his mark. At 18, he had his first known recording under his belt, as part of THE LAGS. Around this time Arthur composed “My Diary,” which was performed by ROSA LEE BROOKS, and featured a then little-known guitarist named JIMI HENDRIX (possibly his first officially-released recorded output).


Arthur Lee (1945-2006)
The mastermind behind pioneering psychedelic-pop outfit Love succumbs to leukemia at age sixty-one

JAMES SULLIVANPosted Aug 04, 2006 9:58 AM

Arthur Lee Porter was born in Memphis on May 7th, 1945. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was a child. By his teen years, he was forming local bands. One of them, Arthur Lee and the LAGs (named in tribute to Booker T and the MGs), recorded an instrumental single for Capitol Records in 1963. The following year, Lee engineered what was perhaps Hendrix's first studio session, hiring the young guitarist to play on "My Diary," a song Lee wrote and produced for R&B singer Rosa Lee Brooks.


ARTHUR LEE by Barney Hoskyns

Page 5
Rosa Lee Brooks's My Diary, a cracking little soul single he produced way back in 1964, and which features (so he claims) the very first session ever played ...
Page 16
Lee wrote and produced the aforementioned My Diary, hiring recently- fired Little Richard sideman James Marshall Hendrix to play on it after seeing him back ...
Page 33
(Message To Pretty, like My Diary before it, was about Lee's "first love" Anita, whose parents didn't want her consorting with such an obvious bad apple. ...


Aug 4 2006 1:45 PM EDT
Love Frontman Arthur Lee, Psychedelic Pioneer, Dies At 61
Talented, troubled singer/songwriter succumbs to leukemia.
By James Montgomery, with additional reporting by Jem Aswad

Lee, a native of Memphis, moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s to work as a session musician and songwriter: One of his earliest compositions, "My Diary," was recorded by R&B chanteuse Rosa Lee Brooks, and the sessions featured a young Jimi Hendrix on electric guitar (Lee and Hendrix would later collaborate again, with one song called "The Everlasting First" appearing on Love's 1970 album Fals Start.


Spectropop remembers

ARTHUR LEE (1945 - 2006)

In 1963, they signed a one-off deal with Capitol Records and issued 'The Ninth Wave'/'Rumble-Still-Skins', two surf instrumentals. When they disbanded, Lee formed a new band called the American Four with the guitarist Johnny Echols. In 1964, they cut one single, 'Luci Baines', and Lee began showing promise as a producer and arranger with Li'L Ray and Ronnie and the Pomona Casuals. He worked with the young Jimi Hendrix on 'My Diary' by Rosa Lee Brooks and was impressed by the guitarist's musical ability and freaky afro.


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Gave Jimi Hendrix his first paying gig. Lee produced a song for a woman named Rosa Lee Brooks titled "My Diary" in which Hendrix was hired to play guitar. The two would not cross paths again until a few years later.


In 1964 he forayed into R & B by writing a song, and local hit, for Rosa Lee Brooks, "My Diary," recorded for Revis. Most interestingly, it featured a very young Jimi Hendrix guitar accompaniment! (Jimi would later play guitar on the Love LP title cut, "Everlasting First" in early 1971.) Producer Bob Keene, who was associated with Donna, Selma, and Atco, used some of his tunes, like "I've Been Trying" for Little Ray, and wrote for his vocal part "Luci Baines" for the American Four. He became the composer and lead singer for a club band, Ronnie and the Pomona Casuals, with his contributions to the "jerk" dance craze/phase, the "Everybody Jerk," and "Slow Jerk."

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