Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1966 LOVE Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Thank you Thomas for the fine pics

Little bit of file searching and I came up with Dec 1966 Kpla concert, as well as Buffalo springfield and Sonny & cher it featured the Music machine and Captain beefheart and his magic band...Some line up, must've been the seven piece Love.
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Anonymous said...

The radio station was KBLA. This was the station's "listener appreciation party." great station. used to play a lot of love. but sadly, it flipped to country music soon after this concert, where sonny and cher gave away a rolls royce to a lucky listener.
richard sands
the sands report

Domenic Priore said...

Unfortunately I have not been able to find the date of this concert which I can confirm through contact sheets also featured Buffalo Springfield, The Seeds, The Standells, The Turtles, Gene Clark and The Count V. I did not see Music Machine or Captain Beefheart on the contact sheets. We need a date, and more info on this incredible show.

Not13Anymore said...

I was also at that show, though I thought I was 14 at the time. However, if it was in '66, I was only 13. I recall that Sonny & Cher and the Associations were the main headliners. But I do remember the Byrds, Turtles and Buffalo Springfield ... also I'm pretty certain that Doors were there also doing Break on Through & Light My Fire.

anarchitek said...

The concert was December 9, 1966, and the radio station was K-R-L-A, a powerhouse in LA's Top 40 market at the time! They had the best jocks, the best commercials, and they played lots more music than their principal competition, KHJ. I don't know how anyone got "P" or "B" out of the "R", because anyone who lived in LA anywhere close to that time would have been listening to KRLA!

The power went out just shortly after Love took the stage, causing Arthurly to scream out "F**K!!!" Love had just returned from a 3-day stand in San Francisco, headlining the Fillmore. They didn't return to the stage, after power was finally restored. I don't think Buffalo Springfiled was on that bill, because they were up in San Francisco, where Steve Still wrote "For What It's Worth" after watching the "riot on Sunset Strip" on the TV news. He later claimed he was in the front lines of protestors, but we all know "you can't be in TWO places at once"!!

anarchitek said...

The Santa Monica concert was December 9, 1966. Love headlines, but I don't think Buffalo Springfield was there--Stephen Stills wrote "For What Its' Worth" while watching TV news about the "riot on Sunset Strip", while the Springfield were in San Francisco. Love had just returned from a 3-day engagement, headlining the Fillmore.

The radio station was K-R-L-A, a powerhouse in LA Top 40 radio, and a lot better than their main competition, KHJ. KRLA had better jocks, played more music, and during that time, had the coolest commercials. How in the world anyone got a "P" or a "B" in KRLA is beyond me, but anyone who lived in the area during that time could easily tell you it was KRLA.

Anonymous said...

The station was NOT KRLA. That was an entirely different radio station. The station giving this party was KBLA. Dave Diamond was the night time DJ. I know. I won tickets to this show from KBLA.
Richard Sands
The Sands Report