Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Arthur Lee of LOVE - Interview

From: waltdisneyforever
love interview with arthur lee


skip sievert said...

I have been a Love fan from the beginning.
I bought their first album at the local drug store.
I listened to the albums as they came out, and I was not surprised at all with Forever Changes, and how great it was.
I got to meet Arthur once, and he was gracious.
That was Oct.7th 2004.
It was on the street in front of First Avenue in Minnesota, after a fantastic concert.
What better review of music you like, than by saying you were absorbed in it when very young, and enjoyed it as much when older.
Thanks for this interesting site.

poisgone said...

Thank you Skip for your sweet remark. I'm glad you had the pleasure of meeting Arthur, he was certainly one in a zillion.